• Steak House | 3 Tips to Order Steak Perfectly at a Restaurant

    Planning to go to a well-known steak house and don't want to come across as an ignorant chump? You're not the only one! Steak house dinners don't always come cheap, so you'll want to know how to order to make sure you get a real bang for your buck. Use these smart tips to order the perfect steak for a great meal at a restaurant. Consider the Steak Cut You Want
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  • First Date Diaries | 3 Nifty Tips For An Indian Food Inspired First Date

    Going on a first date is all about looking fantastic, engaging in intelligent conversation and making a great impression. But those aren't the only factors that separate a good date from a great date. Choosing an unconventional option like Indian food from a place like Royal India Restaurant portrays you as a person willing to take a chance –– a trait many people find attractive. If you've decided to take your date to the best Indian restaurant you can find, you've probably already scored a few brownie points.
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  • 6 Quick Tips for Ordering the Healthiest Sushi Possible

    Sushi is probably one of the healthiest foods you can eat, since fish is very low in calories and fat and contains healthy oils that are good for your skin. The seaweed rolls that make up the wrap of sushi is also high in fiber and also very healthy for you. However, if you're very concerned about making the healthiest choice possible when it comes to sushi, you might want to take a second look at the menu.
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