Steak House | 3 Tips to Order Steak Perfectly at a Restaurant

Posted on: 29 September 2015

Planning to go to a well-known steak house and don't want to come across as an ignorant chump? You're not the only one! Steak house dinners don't always come cheap, so you'll want to know how to order to make sure you get a real bang for your buck. Use these smart tips to order the perfect steak for a great meal at a restaurant.

Consider the Steak Cut You Want

Different steak cuts come from different animal parts and contain different fat contents. Tenderloin is considered the most tender and buttery of all cuts with even fat distribution, making it an excellent meat cut choice at the steak house. T-bone is sourced from the short loin with relatively even fat distribution. This cut has a tender, buttery and juicy flavour that makes it a popular choice with steak lovers. Ribeye steak is sourced from the upper ribcage with pockets of fat spread over the piece of meat. Ribeye isn't as tender as tenderloin or T-bone, but it is packed with flavour and juiciness. Consider what you want from your meat and choose your cut based on tenderness, flavour and juiciness.

Think About How You Want the Steak Cooked

Once you've thought about the cut of meat, decide whether you want the steak cooked rare, medium or well done. The level of cooking is most often a matter of personal taste. If you like your steak red, you can choose rare or medium rare. If you want it pink, you can pick medium or medium well. If you like it brown, then well done is the level of cooking you want. Keep in mind that the longer you cook steak, the less juicy it becomes. This means that well-done steaks tend to be more chewy than rare or medium steaks. Rare and medium steaks tend to be juicier and softer. If you're not sure about what level of cooking you want, medium is the ideal middle ground to choose.

Ask For Sauces to be Served on the Side

Many steaks are served with sauces brushed on top of them to typically enhance the flavour of the meal. This could prevent you from enjoying the authentic flavour of your steak. Ideally, you should ask for the sauce to be served separately, so that you can eat it only if you want. If you've got a great cut that's cooked well at the steak house, you probably won't need the added sauces. The best seasonings for steak will always be salt and pepper, so don't hesitate to ask the waiter for them.

Ordering meat at the steak house is most often a matter of personal preferences –– these tips will help you make smart decisions when it comes to cut, cooking style and other meal additions.


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