6 Quick Tips for Ordering the Healthiest Sushi Possible

Posted on: 29 September 2015

Sushi is probably one of the healthiest foods you can eat, since fish is very low in calories and fat and contains healthy oils that are good for your skin. The seaweed rolls that make up the wrap of sushi is also high in fiber and also very healthy for you. However, if you're very concerned about making the healthiest choice possible when it comes to sushi, you might want to take a second look at the menu. Not all sushi rolls are alike, and you can opt for some healthier choices when it's time to place your order. Note the following.

1. Avoid tempura

Tempura refers to battered and deep-fried rolls, usually made with shrimp or crab meat. While the crustaceans themselves are very healthy, the added fat and calories from the batter and frying can turn a healthy choice into an unhealthy one very quickly.

2. Avoid spicy tuna

Spicy tuna rolls are often made with mayonnaise, which may provide a base for the added spice. This mayonnaise is full of empty fat and calories, so if you must have a spicy tuna roll, have only one and then stick to standard tuna or salmon rolls for the rest of your meal.

3. Avoid the Philadelphia roll

The Philadelphia roll is made with cream cheese, which is just empty fat and calories. It may taste good and be very creamy, but it's not the healthiest choice on the menu.

4. Ask for added cucumber and scallions

If you want to add fiber, taste, and crunch to your sushi but don't want to add calories, ask for added cucumber or scallions or choose rolls made with these ingredients. Cucumber and scallions are both low in calories and both provide healthy crunch and flavor.

5. Try the vegetable roll

A vegetable roll can be very low in calories and fat and can make for a good filler roll. If you must have a tempura roll or something made with mayonnaise or cream cheese, add a vegetable roll so you can fill up quickly without added fat and calories.

6. Ask for brown rice

Brown rice, versus white rice, can mean some added fiber. Brown rice may also protect your heart health more so than white rice. If possible, ask the sushi chef if brown rice can be used in place of white rice. You may even appreciate the flavor of brown rice and won't miss the empty calories of white rice.

Keep these healthy tips in mind next time you head out to sushi restaurants, like Pink Rice.


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