First Date Diaries | 3 Nifty Tips For An Indian Food Inspired First Date

Posted on: 29 September 2015

Going on a first date is all about looking fantastic, engaging in intelligent conversation and making a great impression. But those aren't the only factors that separate a good date from a great date. Choosing an unconventional option like Indian food from a place like Royal India Restaurant portrays you as a person willing to take a chance –– a trait many people find attractive. If you've decided to take your date to the best Indian restaurant you can find, you've probably already scored a few brownie points. But your attempt to impress doesn't end there –– follow these nifty tips to turn a good Indian food-inspired first date into a great one.

Stick to Classic Tried and Tested Dishes

If you and your date don't order Indian food regularly, the vast menus can seem daunting –– especially when you don't know what they are going to taste like. Indian food is well known across the world, so stick to foods that have developed an affinity with people over the years. For example, a classic tandoori chicken or chicken samosa starter is an excellent beginning for your date, while you indulge in the celebrated chicken tikka masala or butter chicken dish with naan bread for your main course. You can never really go wrong with any type of butter chicken preparation, so you'll want this on your table. Avoid ordering anything too unfamiliar –– you don't want to end up surprised yourself when you're trying to impress.

Find Out the Restaurant Signature Dishes  

If you feel like stepping away from the usual butter chicken or chicken tikka masala, consider ordering the chef's signature dishes. Every Indian restaurant usually has a specialty they prepare, and it's probably better than anything else on the menu. For example, some Indian restaurants specialise in North Indian cuisine, while others specialise in South Indian cuisine. A North Indian restaurant may offer signature dishes like Kashmiri chicken, lamb korma and potato kadai –– order these dishes for your date because the chances of something going wrong with them are slim.

Ask Your Date About Spice Tolerance

You'll naturally want to make a first good impression, so don't assume that your date has the same spice and heat tolerance as you do. Indian food is rich with spices like cinnamon, cardamom, peppers, turmeric, clovers and chilies. You'll want to come across as thoughtful, so be sure to check with the waiter about the level of spice in each food you order and find out whether your date can handle the spice. If not, ask the waiter to prepare a milder version of the dish to be safe. This small gesture could win you a second date or even a long meaningful relationship that lasts a lifetime.

Indian food is full of drama and character –– use these nifty tips for an exceptional first date at an Indian restaurant.


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