Two reasons to celebrate your child's birthday at a restaurant instead of in your home

Posted on: 26 December 2019

There are many advantages to hosting your child's birthday party at a restaurant instead of in your own home. Here are two of the main reasons why you should think about doing this.

Feeding the children will be less challenging if it's done at a restaurant that specialises in hosting kids parties

Feeding a large group of children at a birthday party is not the uncomplicated task that it once was; you cannot simply pour a big bag of crisps into a bowl and hand out some sweets and cake. Due to the advances in nutritional research, many parents are now a lot more conscious of and particular about what their children eat and will often expect other parents who invite them to birthday parties to cater to their children's dietary requirements.

If some of your child's friends have dietary requirements, then celebrating your son or daughter's birthday at a restaurant will make the process of feeding these other children a lot less of a headache. A restaurant that hosts kids' parties regularly will be accustomed to and equipped to accommodate dietary requests made by parents who want, for example, child-friendly vegan, lactose-free or peanut-free dishes. This means that during the run-up to your child's party, you won't have to fret about keeping certain dishes free from ingredients that specific guests cannot eat.

Furthermore, having the party at a restaurant that hosts kids' parties means you won't be responsible for cleaning up any mess that your child and their friends create during the birthday celebrations (as the restaurant staff will take care of this for you).  This is an especially significant point to note, as after a few hours of supervising a large number of noisy, hyper and boisterous children, you will be totally exhausted and in no mood to wash dishes, sweep up crumbs or collect dozens of used party plates.

You can avoid dealing with people who have a tendency to overstay their welcome

If some of the parents whose children have been invited to your party have a habit of overstaying their welcome when they visit your home, then hosting your child's birthday party at a restaurant might be better than celebrating it in your house. The reason for this is that if it is held at a restaurant, the event will have a clearly-defined endpoint (such as when the restaurant closes or when the next party group arrives) and the parents who attend it or who come to collect their children afterwards will not have the option of hanging around for very long.

Conversely, if you host the party in your own home, you may have to deal with a few parents who decide to linger for hours after the party was supposed to end and who may expect you to provide them with a continuous supply of drinks, snacks and conversation at a point in the day when you'll probably be exceptionally tired and your children will need to be put to bed.

Look around for local restaurants that offer kids parties to see what options are available. 


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