Having a romantic date when you are injured

Posted on: 20 July 2016

Sometimes despite the best-laid plans, you might find that you are laid up for a while and can't take your partner out for a date. Here are some ideas for dates that don't require travelling far. 

Dinner and a movie on the couch

Dinner and a movie is a really common date, but you don't necessarily need to leave the house. These days you have massive selections of movies and binge-worthy TV shows that you can watch at home. Calling out for your favourite Chinese takeaway like Express Dragon can complete the date and is also an easy option for dinner. Being able to throw out the containers after dinner means you won't need to wash up which is extra convenient if you are injured and struggling to keep up with dishes. 

The at home salon experience

If you are the uninjured party and want to spoil a loved one who has been struggling since they have been injured it can be nice to give them an at home salon experience. This can involve doing some if those personal grooming activities that they have been finding hard such as a washing hair or trimming toenails as well as spoiling them with a relaxing hand or foot massage. Try to use their favourite products to make the experience as relaxing as possible. This can be a very thoughtful and romantic date. 

Planning your next holiday

This can be a great time to plan your next special event after you are both at full strength. Why not take the opportunity to plan your next holiday by hitting up the travel review sites, planning your outfits and working out when you want to go away. If your budget and timetable don't permit a holiday right now, it can still be fun to fantasise about a luxurious holiday, so plan this as the holiday that you'll have as soon as you win Lotto or retire from work. 

Some people actually find it more romantic to stay in for a day rather than heading out as you can be yourself and relax at home. Finding a fun date night to have at home can be a good way to get through the challenges of being injured and may turn out to be such a great experience that you turn it into a regular experience even when you are both back on your feet and feeling great again. 


Saving Money at Restaurants Without Sacrificing Quality

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