Wedding Planning: Tips For Having Your Wedding Catered

Posted on: 5 May 2016

If you are currently in the process of planning your wedding, you are likely thinking about what to serve during the reception. Catering the meal allows you and your relatives to have a delicious meal that you don't have to worry about cooking or serving on your own. Here are some tips for planning the wedding catering menu and choosing the catering company.

Consider Alternative Catering Options

Whether you are on a tight budget, planning a small wedding or simply looking for something different, it is beneficial to think outside the box when it comes to caterers. While traditional caterers can provide a delicious and fabulous meal, this might not be the best option for you. For example, if you are having your wedding in a local barn, it might be fun to have a local farmer's market provide the catered meal instead of a traditional caterer. For a small and casual wedding, you can ask a few food trucks to provide food to your guests or even involve a local restaurant in the catering.

Schedule a Tasting Close to Your Wedding 

When you cater a meal for your wedding, you will need to schedule tasting sessions so you can try the different foods they provide and choose which ones you like best. Since many of the ingredients are likely seasonal, their flavor can change during different times of the year. Try to schedule the tasting as close to the season of your wedding as possible. This allows you to have the most accurate tasting with ingredients that will be available on the day of your wedding.

Ask About Additional Services Offered

To simplify the wedding planning process, it helps to choose a caterer that doesn't just provide the food, but can provide dishes, linens and other decor as well. While this is optional, it really helps to streamline everything. That way, you don't need to find alternative methods of getting these things since the caterer will already be bringing them. Some full-service catering companies will even provide the rental tables and chairs and decorate them how you recommend based on your wedding theme.

Reduce the Quantity of Entrees

A wedding meal doesn't have to be complex or complicated, so don't try to offer too much. There is nothing wrong with offering just one or two entrée options, such as going with a meat-based entrée and a vegetarian one. This helps to reduce the amount of different items the caterer needs to bring and it simplifies the meal planning, while also cutting costs.


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